Venezuela's Guaido in video calls for military uprising

Venezuela's Guaido in video calls for military uprising

Kerry Wise
May 2, 2019

Earlier on Tuesday, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido published a video on Twitter, in which he urged the Venezuelan military to take to the streets in order to "end the usurpation" in the country.

"Not only hanging on but he appears to still control the military", Sanders said.

A smaller group of masked youths stayed behind on the highway, lobbing rocks and Molotov cocktails toward the air base, and setting a government bus on fire.

Guaido's appearance early Tuesday with national guard members outside a Caracas air force base triggered violent protests that resulted in more than 100 injured in clashes with authorities.

Venezuela's embattled President Nicolas Maduro has claimed his troops have defeated a "coup" attempt amid calls by opposition leader Juan Guaido for protestors to return to the streets Wednesday.

Maduro, backed by Russian Federation and China, has blasted Guaido as a US -backed puppet, while appearing to retain control of state institutions and the loyalty of senior military officers.

He has been travelling outside the capital, Caracas, more and more in recent weeks to try to put pressure on Maduro to step down.

The head of a medical centre near the site of the street battles said doctors were treating 50 people, about half of them with injuries suffered from rubber bullets. "The Maduro regime, while it exists will still be illegitimate and completely incapable of solving the problems of the Venezuelan people".

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Prince's pitch will only add to speculation that the United States, while unlikely to invade Venezuela to bring down Maduro, might resort to irregular military action, such as the kind of intelligence service-backed covert operations used by Washington a number of times in 20th-century Latin America.

The letter circulating on social media was confirmed by a senior USA official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to divulge details of the case.

"This will not go unpunished", Maduro said in an address broadcast on television and the radio.

"The armed forces have taken the right decision", said Guaidó.

As he and the president have emphasized repeatedly for months, Bolton said all options remain on the table when asked about the possibility of USA military intervention.

U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton on Tuesday singled out three senior aides to Maduro who he said must make good on commitments they purportedly made to the opposition for a peaceful transition away from Maduro's rule.

The U.S. and about 50 other nations take the position that Maduro's re-election a year ago was irrevocably marred by fraud and he is not the legitimate president of Venezuela, a once prosperous nation that has the world's largest proven oil reserves.