Taylor Swift shares moment she met Benjamin Button �' her new cat

Taylor Swift shares moment she met Benjamin Button �' her new cat

Darren Sullivan
May 2, 2019

Swift, who broke records with her latest release, discussed working with the musician while talking to Kent Andrew "Smallzy" Small on Nova's Smallzy's Surgery.

The singer debuted the colourful promo for ME!, which features nods to the films Mary Poppins and The Wizard of Oz, on Thursday night - and now she's sitting pretty as the queen of the video streaming world.

While the video pivots to another scene, Swift can't keep her mind off her new pet. He's affectionate and super cute, and Swift can't stop showing him off to her parents and "ME!" feature Brendon Urie.

Last week, in addition to releasing a new song and unveiling a new mural in Nashville, the pop star confirmed that she got a new cat, which she named Benjamin Button. "So I will simply say: Thank you, Taylor Swift, for allowing me to be a part of your lovely story. He's purring!" she exclaims, before asking, "Can I have him?"

TAYLOR SWIFT has abandoned the notion of "happily ever after" by sharing it can take her years to get over feeling "bad".

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"That is actually really sweet....recorded in history forever", he said.

"You're gonna have two sisters", Swift says at the end of the featurette.

As of this writing, Swift has revealed no definite details on her upcoming seventh studio album, only that the album's name is included in the Me! video. "Maybe. I just really respect it".

The radio single from P!nk's just-released "Hurts 2B Human" and the new collaboration between Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie have won support from Z100. "ME!" is the first appearance of Swift's adorable new kitten, Benjamin Button.

In the video you can see a cat fanatic meeting and falling in love with a kitten.