Shocking: Model trips on the ramp and dies

Shocking: Model trips on the ramp and dies

Darren Sullivan
April 30, 2019

Medical assistance was provided before he was pronounced dead in hospital.

Brazilian newspaper Folha Press reported that the model had tripped on his shoelace as he fell. Tales Soares (Cotta), a 26-year-old model from Brazil fell on the ramp during one of the shows and died in a freaky accident.

Following the model's death, footage began to emerge on social media of Soares collapsing shortly after making a swift turn on the runway. Initially, the audience believed that it was part of the show, but it was soon realised that the situation was serious.

A Brazilian model has died after collapsing on the catwalk on the last day of fashion week in Sao Paulo, according to organisers.

Mr Soares, who also went by Tales Cotta, was signed to Base MGT, an agency based in Sao Paulo which represents scores of actors and models.

Videos and photos showing the model lying face down on the catwalk are all over the internet.

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His management company, Base Management, remembered Soares as having "exemplary behavior". "And we ask for respect at this moment of deep sadness".

News agency Terra reported that concerns had been raised about the availability of vegetarian food at the event, which meant he may have gone a long time without eating.

On the official Instagram account of Sao Paulo Fashion Week, a statement read: "May God welcome you with open arms!"

"We deeply regret the death of Tales, and once again we extend our condolences to the family".

Soares' cause of death is as yet unknown, but doctors reportedly suspect he "might have had a congenital problem".