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NFL Insider Names "Team To Watch" In Potential Josh Rosen Trade

Javier Howell
April 28, 2019

Now instead of wondering who they would select if you believed the rumors of Murray not being drafted first overall, now the Cardinals have to wonder how they can unload Rosen before the season starts.

Murray solidified that history on Thursday when he was selected number one pick overall with the Arizona Cardinals.

Well, according to NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport, the Miami Dolphins are in the mix as a potential trade partner with the Cardinals. Miami has been doing work on Rosen for weeks when it became clear he'd be available, but AZ won't give him away.

Clearly, the Giants (and the other teams) were not interested in giving up a first round draft pick for the Cardinals' second-year quarterback. Well, all that drama can now be over and thankfully for Kyler Murray, he did end up being the first overall pick. "I left a year early, but I feel like I was ready and prepared to play in the National Football League because I played against a lot of great competition". He completed 55.2 percent of his passes and threw for 11 touchdowns, along with 14 interceptions, in 14 games as a rookie playing behind a bad offensive line and with virtually no rushing attack. "He's got personality. He's a character, a great leader".

"He's a dynamic talent, a unique talent I don't think anybody's seen when you talk about that combination of runner and passer", Kingsbury said.

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With a multitude of needs, the Dolphins took Clemson defensive tackle Christian Wilkins in the first round Thursday.

It might only take a third-rounder to acquire the Cardinals' quarterback.

Miami will send their second-round pick, No. 48, to Arizona, though it reportedly wants a pick back from the Cardinals because it feels the trade is slanted too heavily in Arizona's favor without.

Miami now has 10 picks in 2020, not including two possible compensatory choices.