Aaron Rodgers has inside 'Game of Thrones' knowledge he won't share

Aaron Rodgers has inside 'Game of Thrones' knowledge he won't share

Darren Sullivan
April 27, 2019

While the Packers will be adding new players to the roster during the draft over the next three days, "Game of Thrones" will nearly certainly be losing a host of important characters to end the week.

One thing that is revealed is that Jaime Lannister and the newly knighted Brienne of Tarth will fight alongside one another at last. But also, there's an army of the dead that is thousands upon thousands large, and only grows which each kill.

The Night King and his army of the dead have invaded Westeros and have their freakishly blue eyes set on Winterfell, where most of the major players are now preparing for battle, and for some, death.

A recent edit to the theory also includes the importance of Bran, that perhaps his warg abilities could help a few select dragon riders find the Night King and attack. Daenerys, for example - who has just learned Jon Snow's true identity - is seen alongside the latter looking upon Winterfell from afar before the battle begins. But it may lead to her end earlier than anyone else. The spoiler theory says that the Night King will split his army and send off half of them directly to the King's Landing.

Samwell Tarly: Won't be fighting in the Battle of Winterfell. So we might see two wars simultaneously. Will he really go down to the crypts or fight with the same conviction with which he reminded us of the events he has single-handedly survived? Jon Snow has prophecies to fulfil and killing him off at this stage wouldn't make much sense.

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Fans are now speculating that Melisandre, who always talked about the Lord of Light and how the battle is the most important one, will appear heroically in the mid of Battle at Winterfell and will use her magic to save people stuck in the Winterfell crypts.

Is the Hound going to die during the battle?

HBO previously shared a teaser for episode three, just after "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" screened Sunday, April 21. But thanks for making all the dragonstone weapons, Gendry!

While battle scenes can be boring or bloodthirsty, the Battle of Winterfell is expected to bring together more major cast members than any episode since the 2011 Game of Thrones pilot, and it will be the longest battle sequence in film or television history, according to Entertainment Weekly.