Epic Finally Announces Reboot Van

Epic Finally Announces Reboot Van

Lindsey Duncan
April 9, 2019

Reboot Cards, as Epic Games has so aptly named them, can then be inserted at the nearest Reboot Van, allowing players to respawn.

Fortnite will be implementing it in a similar way where a player will be able to collect a dead teammate's "reboot card" and have them respawn at one of the "reboot vans".

Fortnite Reboot Van will officially go live for players next week, Epic Games confirmed.

The Reboot Van is expected to arrive to the game in the next Fortnite update, next week.

Fortnite has announced the Reboot van in Battle Royale Dev Update #13.

For those who follow Fortnite closely, the Reboot Van has been a known quantity for quite some time.

The addition of Reboot Vans is going to be included in v8.30.

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The Reboot Vans will have the power to reincarnate fellow player if met the criteria. When one of your teammates bites the dust, you can pick up their banner from their loot box and take it to one of those Beacons to bring them back into the game.

The option to revive teammates makes the battle royale genre a bit more forgiving. As we said again, thanks to Apex Legends and the always growing BR competition, we may see even better features coming to Fortnite.

Seems like Fortnite is taking another page from Apex Legends' book: This week Fortnite developer Epic Games introduced a new respawn mechanic that sounds. oddly familiar.

Check out the map with all of the potential locations for Reboot Vans. If you're curious how the Reboot Van works, then we've got the details.

Any surviving teammate can resurrect a fallen player, but the reboot process takes a little time.

While it's plausible that Epic Games has been working on this for some time, the timing is questionable.