Fernando Fernando Alonso will drive an F1 vehicle again in Bahrain

Fernando Fernando Alonso will drive an F1 vehicle again in Bahrain

Javier Howell
March 31, 2019

The 2005 and 2006 F1 World Champion has always wanted to keep the possibility of returning to F1 and the prospect was boosted further when he was confirmed to test at some point this year.

Alonso will drive on both days, on each occasion at the wheel of an MCL34 McLaren is running to aid Pirelli's tyre development.

After quitting Formula One at the end of last season, Fernando Alonso has suggested he would be open to a return.

But he has switched his post-F1 racing career focus to attempting to complete his triple crown bid with victory at the Indianapolis 500, as well as his Toyota World Endurance Championship campaign.

"As I said past year, and in Barcelona [testing] as well, my idea is not to come back", he told Motorsport.com.

"But if there is a fabulous opportunity (to return), then I would think about it". Coming back is not in the plan.

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Nevertheless, Sainz was happy with how his Qualifying session went about, and for the first time in 2019 both McLaren drivers made it into the top ten shootout - Lando Norris joined Sainz in Q3 - which he feels the team should be proud about.

They believe they have solved the issues for 2019 but Alonso will potentially give them a clearer view of progress than Sainz and Norris, who have very limited experience of last year's 2018 vehicle. I think the team decided this was the best moment and not taking time from the race drivers to develop the auto.

"I don't close doors 100% to anything in the future".

McLaren said Alonso will carry out tyre testing duties for Pirelli at Sakhir on Tuesday and Wednesday next week in a second vehicle provided by the team in addition to the MCL34.

"Honestly I'm not missing [F1] too much at the moment as I've been very busy", he said. Maybe if I was relaxing at home it would be different but I have been testing and preparing different things so, not much time to miss anything.