'People are dying': Ocasio-Cortez defends Green New Deal from 'elitist' knock

'People are dying': Ocasio-Cortez defends Green New Deal from 'elitist' knock

Kerry Wise
March 29, 2019

Not one senator voted in support of the nonbinding resolution. Angus King (I-Maine) who caucuses Democrat, joined the 53 Senate Republicans in voting down the plan.

All of the Democratic senators running for president co-sponsored the Green New Deal resolution, including Sens. We don't care that it's a show vote from Leader Mitch McConnell. Almost 200 countries have signed the pact, but President Donald Trump announced in mid-2017 he would withdraw the United States because it's a "bad deal" for the USA economy. The proposed stimulus program calls for virtual elimination by 2030 of greenhouse gas emissions responsible for global warming.

Republicans say the plan would devastate the economy and lead to a huge tax increase. In a floor speech illustrated with a series of entertaining charts, Lee pointed out that of the few concrete policies connected to the Green New Deal, most-such as eliminating cows and airplanes-are clearly absurd. In addition to Sanders, Sens. Payne also brought up a New York Times study from 2003 in which social workers said they encountered furniture and carpets covered in dust in these areas.

"And that's frustrating, frankly", Harris said.

"We can not and we will not allow this debate to be cut short by Republican political games".

Rebecca Leber, a climate and environment reporter for Mother Jones, tweeted: "Repeat after me: Republicans have no climate plan". We are facing a national crisis.

"I need no other evidence of the fact that this proposal ... we had 57 people vote against it including four Democrats and everyone else voted not for it but present".

Ocasio-Cortez has fought criticism from centrists in her own party and Republicans since her surprise victory in the Democratic primary for New York's 14th congressional district last June, with critics claiming her outspoken embrace of a democratic socialist agenda, including the Green New Deal, appeals only to so-called "elites" in major cities.

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He says the technology needed to achieve the proposal's goals doesn't exist and to develop it, government must work with private industry, not "shun" it.

"This is not an elitist issue, this is a quality of life issue", she said. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.).

The same Democrats tried to justify their lack of affirmative votes by making excuses about the process being rushed, and lacking customary hearings and procedures. "If this guy can be Senator, you can do anything", she wrote to her 3.7 million followers. Combating this crisis first requires the Republican majority to stop denying science and finally admit that climate change is real and humans are the dominant cause.

Feinstein told McClatchy Tuesday that she believes climate legislation should only deal with climate change, not broadly try to address other issues as well.

"In recent months our nation has watched the Democratic Party take a sharp and abrupt left turn toward socialism", McConnell said earlier this month.

- Brenton Ward (@brentondanger) March 27, 2019@AOC You don't have to go underground to sample a coal mine.

Well, on Tuesday, Republican Representative Sean Duffy of Wisconsin suggested the Green New Deal only served the wealthy.

Fox News' Chad Pergram and the Associated Press contributed to this Fox News report, which is used by permission.