Jussie Smollett Case: Chicago Police Launch Internal Investigation Over Alleged Leaked Information

Jussie Smollett Case: Chicago Police Launch Internal Investigation Over Alleged Leaked Information

Ronald Pratt
March 28, 2019

The Chicago Police Department is conducting an internal investigation to determine who anonymously leaked information about the Jussie Smollett case to members of the press.

Sources said those workers have been terminated after gaining access to the "Empire" actor's medical chart. She added that other employees might have been mistakenly fired for the same reason.

Smollett reported to police in January that he had been attacked in Chicago in an incident that ended with a noose around his neck.

Smollett told police that he was assaulted while out walking at 2 a.m. on January 29.

The grand jury returned two indictments for Smollett, one stemming from his initial report of the attack and another from a second interview he gave police.

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She maintains that she was simply scrolling to look at another patient's name-not Smollett's, and that she may have been fired simply because of the scroll. Apparently, last Tuesday, she was called in at the end of her shift, was sacked on the spot, and was escorted out of the hospital. She says she wasn't asked any questions and never had a chance to offer an explanation.

But police found inconsistencies in Smollett's account, and on February 21 charged him with making a false police report.

Officials said last month they launched the internal investigation "during the interrogation of the brothers when information leaked out", said Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesman for the police department. The Nigerian brothers, Abel and Ola Osundairo, denied sending the letter.

Meanwhile, Chicago police said the attack was a "publicity stunt" because Smollett was upset with his "Empire" salary. "Also includes projected fat loss.'" The $3,500 breakdown was reportedly "$600 a week for the workout plan for 5 weeks, and $100 a week for the nutrition plan for 5 weeks", according to TMZ reports.

After his arrest, Smollett's legal team fiercely proclaimed his innocence, writing in a statement: "Today we witnessed an organized law enforcement spectacle that has no place in the American legal system".