Apple March 25 Event: Start Time, How To Watch, What To Expect

Apple March 25 Event: Start Time, How To Watch, What To Expect

Darren Sullivan
March 26, 2019

The company is said to be partnering with Hollywood Studios and actors alongside media houses and publications to introduce these new features for the Apple device owners. Even producers of Apple's shows are unsure about numerous details about when and how audiences will be able to see their work.

Well, across the globe, sales of devices are slowing - especially the upmarket expensive devices which Apple is famous for.

Apple's TV app is shipped on all iOS devices and on Apple TV boxes putting the streaming ecosystem at the fingertips of hundreds of millions of users.

The iPhone has always been Apple's marquee product and main money maker, but sales are starting to decline. These include video services such as Starz or ShowTime and possibly HBO also. The rumor that Apple will be hosting a spring event is proving to be true.

It is also worth noting that this will be the company's third event at Steve Jobs Theater, which has so far been used for the launch of iPhones.

Apple's video streaming service has been rumoured for quite some time. But Hastings is not anxious about them: when asked, he simply replied that competition is always good; not just for Netflix, but for users and content makers as well.

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Now it was in the American media reports, recently, however, that it was premature to consider the foray of Apple as a head-on attack on Netflix.

The company are to rival against the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, as Apple will offer the subscription service from a central hub where by users can access a wide range of on-demand TV services.

Another company that will launch a streaming service this year is WarnerMedia.

Subscriptions to online video services globally climbed 27 per cent past year to 613 million, eclipsing cable television subscriptions for the first time, according to the Motion Picture Association of America. Steven Spielberg, M. Night Shyamalan, Kristen Wiig, and Jennifer Aniston were just a few of the names linked to Apple's service when it was reported early a year ago.

A speculative eye has been given to any new financial offer from Apple. Apple will collect the monthly fee, divide the developers' cut based on how often their games were played, and keep the rest. Cheddar previously reported that Apple was working on a gaming-related subscription service. Apple's games subscription will not be cloud-based like Google's Stadia and will be available for iPhone, iPad users for a monthly fee.