Venezuelan Opposition Aide Seized, Drawing Rebuke From U.S.

Venezuelan Opposition Aide Seized, Drawing Rebuke From U.S.

Kerry Wise
March 24, 2019

Roberto Marrero was taken into custody on Thursday as part of the government raid against a "terrorist cell" that plotted to carry out attacks against top Venezuelan politicians, the Minister of the Interior, Justice and Peace, Néstor Reverol, said in a statement.

He repeated Trump's statement that "all options are on the table", but said "we're not thinking" about a military option at this time.

According to Juan Guaido and other members of the opposition, around 15 intelligence officers grabbed Mr Marrero and took him to an unknown location.

He says he believes that the items allegedly found at his chief of staff's home had been planted there and called for Marrero's immediate release.

Zhang Sengen, a researcher at the Institute of Latin American Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said China would be careful in how it handled the situation with Maduro and Guaido because it had a huge stake in the Latin American country, and it would not change its stance until the crisis in Venezuela was over. The illegitimate arrest of Roberto Marrero, Interim President Juan Guaido's aide, will not go unanswered.

Speaking to reporters following the meeting, Holness said "it's absolutely important that it's not just talk, that there will be real investments", adding "we're very happy with that message".

By endorsing Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country's legitimate president, Canada may be setting the beleaguered country up for deadly civil war or exploitation by an oil-hungry USA administration, says John Kirk, a professor of Latin American studies at Dalhousie University. It voted last week to give the Venezuelan board seat that was held by a representative of President Nicolas Maduro to Harvard economist Ricardo Hausmann, who is backed by Guaido. The region has been far from united in joining the US call for the ouster of President Nicolas Maduro.

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"The risk of participating in politics in Venezuela is your life, your freedom, and the persecution of those closest to you", Guaido said.

Maduro's forces have reinforced obstacles blocking a border bridge linking Venezuela and Colombia to prevent Guaido's supporters trucking in USA aid.

More than 40 Sebin agents raided the two homes wielding "long weapons" and searched them for three hours, Vergara tweeted.

Guaido declared himself the country's interim president in January, insisting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro step down from power.

The United States has cautioned Maduro against laying a finger on Guaido or National Assembly deputies, threatening unspecified repercussions. The United States will continue to stand strong with the people of Venezuela.

At the President's direction, the United States has cut off illicit sources of income for Maduro's corrupt regime by imposing sanctions on more than 150 government officials and organizations, and we've blocked their ability to steal American dollars from Venezuela's state-owned oil company, PDVSA.