It’s time to spring forward. Daylight saving time is back

It’s time to spring forward. Daylight saving time is back

Kerry Wise
March 11, 2019

Saskatchewan remains the only province to say "No" to daylight saving time, though others have considered the idea. In fact, several attempts have been made in the past to change Daylight Saving Time for Arkansas.

Being sleep deprived after switching to Daylight Saving Time can also create problems with memory, learning, social interactions, and overall cognitive performance.

According to National Geographic, George Hudson came up with the basis for the modern concept of Daylight Saving Time in 1895, proposing a two-hour shift, seeking more hours of afternoon daylight to hunt for insects. The practice wasn't made permanent in the US until 1973, when President Richard Nixon signed the Emergency Daylight Saving Time Energy Conservation Act.

"Those risks could be mitigated by delaying school start-times, which is a cost-effective way to alleviate safety concerns as well as improve students' physical and mental health, attendance and graduation rates, tardiness and dropout rates, and grades and standardized test scores", the study said. Federal law allows a state to exempt itself from observing DST, upon action by the state legislature to do so. Soon after, other European countries and the United States adopted it as well.

Where is Daylight Saving Time not observed in the USA?

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According to Insider Health, Daylight Saving Time has been linked to sleep deprivation, decreased mental health, increased suicide rates, increased cardiovascular conditions, and increases in auto accidents and workplace injuries. Voters in the Golden State opted to get rid of the annual clock change in the 2018 midterm elections, and Florida lawmakers enacted the "Sunshine Protection Act" aimed at doing the same thing last March.

In Pennsylvania, Representative Russ Diamond (R) of Lebanon County is leading the charge against Daylight Saving Time.

The reason that springing the clocks forward can kill us comes down to interrupted sleep schedules. Remember, it's "spring forward, fall back", baby.

CBS Philadelphia citied studies that show disrupting sleep patterns, even just an hour, can increase the risk for heart trouble. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott and Rep. So say hello to daylight saving time, until our clocks fall back to standard time in November.

That morning, most phones and computers will automatically jump an hour forward, and we'll lose an hour of sleep.