Google Assistant’s Continued Dialog Function Now Works On Sensible Shows

Google Assistant’s Continued Dialog Function Now Works On Sensible Shows

Lindsey Duncan
March 9, 2019

Until now, Google Duplex was accessible in about 43 states around US, only by people who owned the Pixel phones. All you have to do for that magic to happen is tell your phone something along the lines of 'Book a table for four people at [restaurant name] tomorrow night.' The video at the end of this post shows a demo of Duplex in action. The Google Assistant feature was built using Google Duplex technology, an AI system that can hold more personalized and realistic human-computer interactions. You can see the full list of supported states by clicking the following link.

A feature added to the Google Assistant, Duplex can be used to make a restaurant reservation on your behalf. But Google made some progress since then, addressing concerns in the process.

Google Duplex is really exciting, particularly for busy people who don't have a personal assistant.

Following a limited beta test last summer, Duplex began rolling out in November to Android devices running version 5.0 or above, and iPhones with Google Assistant installed. If it's successful, you'll get a notification on your phone as well as an email reminder and calendar invite. For example, the AI now declares to the person that it is an automated system and that the calls are being recorded before attempting to make the requested reservation.

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Pixel owners in 43 states can now use Google Assistant to schedule appointments and book reservations.

Google trod lightly in rolling out Google Duplex in the United States alone.

The company has just announced today that it will be bringing the Duplex feature, which works along with the Google Assistant, to even more Android and iOS devices "over the next few weeks".