'All Black People Do Not Look Alike'

'All Black People Do Not Look Alike'

Darren Sullivan
March 9, 2019

Watters' Fox News associate, Dana Perino stepped in to correct him, saying: "That was not Gayle King".

Her multi-part interview with R. Kelly for CBS this week was a big enough deal, Gayle King told Stephen Colbert on Thursday's Late Show, that Elton John had just called her in the dressing room.

Among those who heaped plaudits on King for keeping her composure-as well as her line of questioning-was host of Fox News show The Five, Jesse Watters.

"Yes I did, I said that to her", King added to Colbert.

"They say, he wants to say things that he has not said and I'm like, As a journalist, as a newsperson, this is newsworthy, he is going on record for the first time, yes I'll do the interview". I emailed Dana, who I don't know, and said: "Hi, just wanted to thank you for letting your colleague know that Robin Roberts and I, it was a great compliment, but thank you for letting him know we're two different people and could you let the rest of your colleagues know that all black people do not look alike".

Watch above, via CBS. He said, "You're going to have to wait to see your daughter". The disgraced singer went ballistic and screamed, "Forget the blogs, forget how you feel about me".

'All Black People Do Not Look Alike'

King said she and Perino had a laugh about it.

This exchange, and others, await viewers in Friday's one-hour primetime special The Gayle King Interview with R. Kelly.

Watters quickly apologized after being corrected on the air, and then later at the end of the show held up a small dry erase white board that read, "I'm sorry Gayle + Robin".

"Let me make sure I'm clear". Hi, Elton!' And he was calling to talk about the R. Kelly interview.

For three days, "CBS This Morning" has aired portions of King's 80-minute sitdown in Chicago with Kelly - his first TV interview since pleading not guilty last month to 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse for alleged misconduct occurring between 1998 and 2010. I'm thinking, "Does he like the fries, a Big Mac?' I just think considering the seriousness of the charge - I just wouldn't think you'd go and hang at McDonald's".

Well, as they say, it' was caught on video and will live forever. I'm fighting for my f-ing life!

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