United States should accept North Korea with some nukes, Panetta says

United States should accept North Korea with some nukes, Panetta says

Kerry Wise
March 4, 2019

"If I weren't willing to do that, I wouldn't be here right now", Kim said in response to a question whether he's ready to denuclearize.

"Let me assure you I will do my best to bring a good result ultimately today", Kim said.

Already, some intrigue has swirled around the first talks between the two leaders.

When asked if he is willing to take concrete steps toward denuclearization, Kim said that is what is under discussion. "Unbelievable. Unlimited", the president told Kim, who's ordered the deaths of his uncle and half brother, along with engaging in extermination, murder, mass imprisonment, persecution on political, religious, racial and gender grounds, and other crimes.

The U.S. president addressed reporters' questions, responding again with an emphasis that there is "No rush".

The leaders are in Hanoi for their second summit following a historic first meeting in Singapore last June that produced little more than a vaguely worded agreement to "work toward complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula".

Little diplomatic progress was made following the first summit.

They chatted and gestured in the leafy courtyard of the French-colonial era Metropole hotel, before returning indoors.

Just after their historic first meeting in Singapore previous year, Trump described Kim as "very talented".

"Chairman Kim and myself, we want to do the right deal".

In the wake of an intercontinental ballistic missile test by Pyongyang in November 2017, Trump derided Kim as a "sick puppy", drawing cheers from a crowd of supporters at a campaign-style rally.

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"It's too early to tell, but I wouldn't say I'm pessimistic. From what I feel right now, I do have a feeling that good results will come out".

And while we're not sure how long those talks will last for, . the group will have a working-lunch two hours later, .at around noon.

Moreover, President Moon has been appealing to the worldwide community for easing sanctions on Pyongyang, while the global community has been seeking to force the communist country to abandon its nuclear programs by imposing economic sanctions.

"Basically, they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety, and we couldn't do that", he said.

The tone between the two men changed markedly over the next few months.

After, Trump plans a news conference at 3:50 p.m. (0850 GMT).

The two sides have discussed partial denuclearization measures, such as allowing inspectors to observe the dismantlement of North Korea's Yongbyon nuclear reactor, US and South Korean officials say.

During sit-down talks earlier Thursday, the North Korean leader said he would welcome the opening of a U.S. liaison office in his capital.

In contrast, Kim is well aware of the fact that the nuclear negotiation is "a race against time" and this is why he believes that he has it over Trump who has a term in office.

Trump blamed the breakdown on North Korea's insistence that all the punishing sanctions the USA has imposed on Pyongyang be lifted without the North committing to eliminate its nuclear arsenal.

North Korea has spent decades, at great economic sacrifice, building its nuclear program, and there are doubts that it will give away that program without getting something substantial from the U.S.