Parents warn about potentially deadly 'Momo Challenge' across social media

Parents warn about potentially deadly 'Momo Challenge' across social media

Darren Sullivan
February 28, 2019

It's frightening to hear about an online trend that encourages children to harm themselves in any way or, in some cases, to kill themselves.

News about the challenge first spread in July 2018, when a 12-year-old Argentinian girl was rumoured to have died by suicide because of threatening messages.

But despite the warning scores of videos featuring the "Momo Challenge," some featuring images of self-harm, remain live on YouTube and Instagram.

'Finally when I told him the silly "person" who made this fake creepy looking creature was in jail with all the other bad guys and that the YouTube police are hunting down all the Momo videos and deleting them, he told me he'd seen it loads of times!

One mother from Edinburgh, Lyn Dixon, revealed that her eight-year-old son encountered Momo in a YouTube video. "She said, 'It scares you, ' I said, 'Why?' She said, 'It tells me to get a knife and cut myself.' I never told her what it said or anything to that nature". We also provide people who have expressed suicidal thoughts, and people who want to reach out to a friend who may be struggling, with a number of support options and resources.

She said: "The story now being circulated is not new".

And technology experts say that's the real point of all the rumors surrounding the Momo challenge.

"Another video clip is going by the name of "MoMo" which shows a warped white mask which is promoting children to do risky tasks without telling their parents".

"Challenges appear midway through Kids YouTube, Fortnight, Peppa pig to avoid detection by adults".

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It adds that "as a parent, it's hard to spot these videos as the harmful content doesn't appear until partway through the video".

As a parent it is natural to feel anxious about certain things you see online that may be harmful to your child.However, not everything you see online is true. 'It's important for you to reiterate to your child that Momo is not a real person and can not directly harm them!'

Kardashian shared screenshots on her Instagram Story of anxious parents posting about the challenge, which supposedly encourages child suicide.

It's important for you, as a parent or carer, to be present while your children are online.

The Northern Irish authorities also appealed to parents of young children, warning them to be aware of what they are engaging with online - particularly due to the potential threats to other people posted by "Momo".

The hack subjects children to disturbing images and threatens them if they do not complete challenges.

"It was on the radar of some key stage two children so it's fortunate a parent raised it to us". Encourage your child to talk to you about anything they're unsure of and reiterate the importance of not succumbing to peer pressure.

The sixth point directs parents to work out the source of what the children are watching and to be "mindful of what you share as it may only cause more worry". Ultimately, the game ends with Momo telling the participant to take their own life and record it for social media.