Huawei Mate X has a foldable doppelgänger built by Oppo

Huawei Mate X has a foldable doppelgänger built by Oppo

Lindsey Duncan
February 26, 2019

The new Huawei Mate X might have launched a couple of days later than its rival but it has some winning specs up its sleeve, not least its larger screen, thinner profile, 5G connectivity, and claims that it is the "world's fastest" foldable phone. When folded, the Galaxy Fold looks more or less like a regular phone with a really small display, and it's also quite narrow. This is the primary reason that the Mate X will come to market at €2,299 in June, just two months after the Galaxy Fold lands at €2,000.

The Mate X has an 8-inch foldable display with a thickness of 11mm when folded.

Under the hood, the Mate X sports the same Kirin 980 that appeared in last year's Mate 20 Pro smartphone, backed by a sizeable 4,500mAh battery which is marginally bigger than its competition. The Galaxy Fold is powered by a 7nm octa-core processor with 12GB of RAM and 512GB internal storage. The phone has a dual SIM tray that can take two nano SIM cards or one nano SIM and one NM card. The site notes that since that model number ends with a 5 instead of a 0, like most Note devices, that could mean this number refers to the 5G variant of the forthcoming Note. Huawei of course didn't stand still and has always been an innovator themselves, introducing a lot of new first-exclusive features over the previous year or two. Huawei has included a high-capacity 4500mAh battery and the new 55W HUAWEI SuperCharge charger can charge the battery to 85% in just 30 mins. It also incorporates three cameras along with a push-button latch which secures the tablet when it is folded. What's most impressive here, especially in comparison to the Galaxy Fold, is that there's so little bezel around the screen.

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Out of the box, it runs on Android 9 Pie with an EMUI 9.1.1 skin on top. What this allows the company to do is to create a thicker phone edge where we locate the phone's quad-camera setup.

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold, nearly everyone was really surprised by the phone. Notably, there's a good chance that Apple isn't getting into the game until 2020 because Intel modems aren't coming to phones until then. In fact, the Mate X will have that issue as it has a larger cover display.

From the front, you actually might have issues identifying the Mate X from any other larger screened phone. Emphasis on "seems", though. After all, glass can't exactly fold. Huawei's display is a flexible OLED panel which when unfolded presents 2480 x 2200 into your view. That's roughly $2,500 making it a fair bit costlier than the Galaxy Fold.