Eighth MP jumps ship in crisis for UK Labour

Eighth MP jumps ship in crisis for UK Labour

Kerry Wise
February 22, 2019

In a letter to Dr Wollaston, and to Anna Soubry and Heidi Allen, who also quit the party, Mrs May said she was "saddened" by their decision to leave.

Apparently the de facto deputy PM David Lidington and the chancellor Philip Hammond seemed warmer to this idea than the PM.

Following the European Union referendum of 2016, no genuine effort was made to build a cross party, let alone a national consensus to deliver Brexit... We genuinely wish our many friends and colleagues within the Party well, indeed we know many of them share our concerns. "Its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, was not fit to become Prime Minister", according to CNN.

They represent a small fraction of the Conservative Party's 314 parliamentarians, and the new grouping counts for just 11 of the 650 total members of Parliament.

A tweet from the Independent Group welcomed the new members, adding: "Both our parties are broken".

With less than 40 days to go before the Brexit deadline, Britain faces the possibility of a disorderly or even chaotic departure if May can not secure changes that will help her reverse the defeat in Parliament.

The Chancellor told LBC he'd welcome Anna Soubry back into the Conservatives.

A Labour spokesman criticised the group, saying they had formed "what is effectively an establishment coalition based on the failed and rejected policies of the past", such as austerity, corporate tax cuts and privatisation.

With Britain's departure from the European Union due on March 29 and no deal yet agreed on divorce terms, the three lawmakers accused the government of "recklessly marching the country to the cliff edge of no deal".

CHUKA UMUNNA has urged discontented Conservatives to join his new group of breakaway Labour MPs.

Asked directly if he was interested in the job, he said: "No".

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The Labour leader, addressing the Make UK conference in London, said: "I regret that seven MPs decided they would no longer remain part of the Labour party, I thank them for their work".

Berger, who is Jewish, said in leaving the Labor Party, "I am leaving behind a culture of bullying, bigotry and intimidation".

"And in those circumstances I think the national interest would be served by seeing a period of stability to get that referendum done".

"I've been a member for not short of four decades and we never had this problem before".

"But if you are asking me about future hypotheticals about when the maths of parliament are so febrile, it comes down to - to use the cliche - doing the right thing by the country".

The party's deputy chairman, Tory MP James Cleverly, told BBC Radio 5 Live that the resignations were "very sad and disappointing", which was echoed by Communities Secretary James Brokenshire.

But Ms Soubry insisted: 'My views haven't changed, the Conservative party has changed.

The new group is not yet a party, but the group of rebels sat on the independent benches of the House of Commons on Wednesday.

"Heidi was elected as a Conservative MP and stood on a Conservative manifesto which had at its heart fully respected the referendum result".

"Today's events will simply mean that we will all redouble our efforts to achieve a better and more equal society based on those lasting values".