Wilson-Raybould Resigns, Fuels Questions of PMO's Role In SNC-Lavalin Affair

Wilson-Raybould Resigns, Fuels Questions of PMO's Role In SNC-Lavalin Affair

Troy Powers
February 14, 2019

MPs are convening in Ottawa this afternoon to discuss the prospect of calling on former minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, her successor, and several other high-profile government officials to testify about the ongoing SNC-Lavalin affair and alleged PMO political interference.

Even so, a full contingent of Team Trudeau cabinet ministers is nevertheless set to hit the circuit to tout their government's record, although each and every one of them should be prepared to face questions on the latest developments in the SNC Lavalin controversy.

A major hiccup in relations with First Nations and the potential for weeks or months of headlines associated with the SNC-Lavalin scandal could hardly come at a worse time for the federal Liberals heading into a election year.

Before entering federal politics, she worked as a prosecutor and as a regional chief in British Columbia.

So with the government's legitimacy swaying in the balance, the whole country is waiting for Wilson-Raybould to finally tell her side of the story.

If that were true, then Ms. Wilson-Raybould's sudden and self-directed exit from cabinet qualifies as an emphatic rejection of the PM's supportive sentiment and, more importantly, a loudly bellowed warning things are likely to get a lot worse for Mr. Trudeau between now and when Canadians head to the polls this fall.

Trudeau said if any member of his cabinet has any problems with something, they are supposed to raise those issues with him.

In a letter published on her website, Wilson-Raybould thanked the residents of Vancouver-Graniville, while stating that her resignation as Minister of the Crown "in no way changes my commitment to seeing" her goal of "implementing a positive and progressive version of change on behalf of all Canadians".

"She's done incredibly well on some very hard files", she said.

But it would have saved us all a lot of trouble if, having found herself at odds with the head of government over this important matter of public policy, she had taken the logical step and resigned from cabinet immediately. "If he can throw open the windows and clear it up in a month or six weeks, people will forget".

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That can't be allowed to happen nor can the gagging of Wilson-Raybould be allowed to continue.

She also says that she has retained former Supreme Court justice Thomas Cromwell to advise her on this front.

The Liberals were already unlikely to win the Burnaby-South byelection coming February 25 after their candidate Karen Wang quit the race after making controversial remarks about the race of her opponent, Jagmeet Singh, he noted.

He said he's "concerned about the many unanswered questions" surrounding Wilson-Raybould's resignation and added that this is "echoed by many First Nations across the country".

"But now they will probably lose by a few more points", he said.

Liberal MP and committee chair Anthony Housefather has indicated that he will likely support an investigation. "I would have liked to see more concrete outcomes, especially on implementing the United Nations declaration on the rights of Indigenous peoples".

Monday, he said in Vancouver that he'd told Wilson-Raybould that any decision on the subject was hers alone.

The goodwill Trudeau generated with First Nations people at the beginning of his term has evaporated recently, she said.

Some Indigenous leaders have been highly critical of Trudeau's decision to demote Wilson-Raybould and those criticisms escalated Tuesday.