You Can Finally Merge Epic Accounts for Fortnite

You Can Finally Merge Epic Accounts for Fortnite

Lindsey Duncan
February 11, 2019

Fortnite surprise-launched for Nintendo Switch at E3 2018.

A new Fortnite account merge update has been released by Epic Games, bringing with it big changes for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch gamers.

Players who had accessed their Epic Account on Windows, Xbox One or mobile, however, weren't impacted.

This whole is an epic and simple process for those who are holding to gaming accounts and are messy struggling. That's quite a good news story on the back of Fortnite.

Epic Games now has a page that lets you merge your Fortnite accounts. As a result, many were forced to create a second account to play on different platforms.

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Fortnite's account merging tool has finally landed for players with multiple accounts after a lengthy delay.

"One account must have played on Xbox One or Switch and the other on PS4 before Sep". The accounts can also not be banned or disabled. After two weeks, all V-Bucks and cosmetic items will be available on the player's primary account. The website asks you to select a primary account, the account that all the other accounts will join.

Battle Royale merges all cosmetics.

It wasn't that long ago that Sony didn't allow cross play on PS4, so you'd have to have a separate account to play the battle royale shooter on that platform. Log into your main account on the left-hand login section. There's a two week delay before your v-bucks arrive in your primary account. Other items like those from Unreal Marketplace, Creative Islands, and Save the World account level and progress, on the other hand, won't be merged. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of all your loot or how many wins or chicken dinners you have on each account. We've made progress on it, purchased cosmetics with it, and have left over V-Bucks that are sat doing nothing on it. This merger tool is specifically created to help people affected by the Sony account lockdown issue, and will not help you merge two unrelated old accounts.

If you switched platforms to play with friends or simply found you preferred one over another, you may have had to leave some money and progress behind.