Australia and US seize largest ever meth shipment

Australia and US seize largest ever meth shipment

Kerry Wise
February 9, 2019

It is the single largest seizure of methamphetamine heading Down Under and the largest domestic bust of the drug on U.S. soil.

Australian Federal Police (AFP) say they were found with "hundreds of thousands of dollars of proceeds of crime" during a raid in Melbourne.

The drugs were detected by United States authorities on January 9 with 25kgs of cocaine and 5kgs of heroin also located.

Police say more than 17 million drug deals could have resulted from the amount of methylamphetamine stopped.

It was also the largest haul of meth, or ice, intercepted while bound for Australia. "Every day, USA and Australian law enforcement officers work together to keep us all safe".

"Through a collaborative effort - pooling our information, resources and expertise - we are keeping this risky contraband from reaching our streets and potentially saving lives".

Police arrested six people on Thursday, allegedly involved with the US-based organised syndicate behind the shipment.

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Among the suspects are two Americans: a 52-year-old man and a 46-year-old woman.

Police said some members of the group are Australian nationals with Vietnamese backgrounds.

"They are one of the major and most powerful organised crime cartels now operating", Mr Hill said. Commissioner Bruce Hill. "By stopping this, we have ensured criminals will not profit from the vast pain these drugs would have caused our community".

"If this shipment had made Australian streets it equates to something like 17 million hits of ice". Luckily we worked with our USA buddies and were able to stop the shipment before it reached our shores. This is a serious warning.

Commissioner Hill said police believe Mexican cartels are targeting the country, but the identities of the cartels have not been disclosed.

Three fronted court on Friday on charges including attempted drug importation and possession.

The Echo Task Force then continued to investigate the drug possession, and following this, police began to investigate the possible involvement of Australian gangs, which lead police to the discovery of the drugs and the arrests.