Titanfall Battle Royale Game Apex Legends Is Out Now

Titanfall Battle Royale Game Apex Legends Is Out Now

Lindsey Duncan
February 6, 2019

Ahead of the Apex Legends reveal stream that will be taking place at 8pm this evening, it looks like the first bit of information about the game has leaked. Some reports state that development on Titanfall 3 shifted into what became Apex Legends.

The game's cast of eight unique characters, called "Legends", all use specific skills that open up to different types of playstyles. For now the only game type is three-person squads and you take turns before the match picking your class with no option to choose the same class as your teammates. I'm a little burned out on battle royale, but this seems to be fun, colorful and fast-paced.

There are no pilotable mechs in the game. Set in the Titanfall universe, Respawn makes some big changes from previous games in the series: multiplayer nixes mech suits and parkour/wall-running, replacing them with a roster of 8 characters with Overwatch-like skills and abilities. As with most titles in the free-to-play market, Apex Legends will incorporate microtransactions and is reportedly planning to charge up to $18 each for cosmetic skins. "No titans. Just as Titanfall and Titanfall 2, Apex Legends will run on a modified version of Valve's Source engine". It is reassuring to have Respawn addressing these gameplay concerns early on in Apex Legends' lifecycle.

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Respawn is hopeful that this will be the first year of many. Each time a player levels up, they will earn rewards like an Apex Pack, Legend Tokens, or both. We can't predict.' This is a game where we had to say, 'This is what we want to do. According to McCoy, it seems as though the team was experimenting with battle royale but decided to make it a full-fledged game rather then a mode tacked on to another game. With EA's own Anthem coming this month, a squad based game that's free could impact the player base.

Respawn has said the number of total players may increase over time. The Apex Legends Store now allows players to purchase bundles of "Apex Coins" for set prices.