Trump wall emergency a 'good chance'

Trump wall emergency a 'good chance'

Kerry Wise
February 4, 2019

Trump's speech had been scheduled for January 29, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called it off because the shutdown was underway, leading to an angry response from the president, who denied her and several other Democrats access to a military plane to visit US troops in Afghanistan.

In the interview with CBS Face the Nation, the president attempted to portray the shutdown that ended last month without funding for his wall as a victory over Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic House speaker.

President Donald Trump on Friday told reporters in the White House there's a "good chance" he will end up declaring a national emergency as a way to make an end run around Congressional funding authority even though legal experts have warned such an attempt would be constitutionally dubious. "We're negotiating very tough prices, we've designed a much better looking wall that is also actually a better wall, which is actually an interesting combination - it's far more handsome and it's better - it's much more protective", he continued. "I think there's a good chance we'll have to do that".

"Well, I'm saying listen closely to the State of the Union, I think you'll find it very exciting", Trump said.

"I think that she was very rigid, which I would expect, but I think she's very bad for our country", he said.

U.S. President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats on Thursday hardened their positions over a wall being built on the border with Mexico, raising new doubts over their ability to reach a deal just as negotiations were getting underway.

"She knows that you need a barrier", he said.

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen postponing testimony to Congress - adviser
Mr Trump, who has called Cohen a liar and "rat", said in a tweet last Friday that Cohen is "Lying to reduce his jail time! ". In the statement, they note that efforts to intimidate witnesses are "textbook mob tactics" which they said they condemn.

Of all the Democrats' arguments against a southern border wall, the shadiest is that it would not work.

"We've certainly tried to communicate that to him", said Cornyn, referring to Trump.

The president then repeated his cryptic claim: "We've set the stage for what's going to happen". Enough drugs were contained in the shipment to kill millions of people.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, a top McConnell confidant, said this week that he is opposed to a national emergency declaration in part because of what it might embolden a future Democratic president to do.

"I think they're exhausted and, I think everybody's exhausted", he said. But we will, at the same time, be building - regardless, we're building wall and we're building a lot of wall. Richard Shelby, R-Ala. Asked how they differ, Shelby replied, "You have to ask them but I think it's pretty obvious".

"When they go to the Ninth Circuit, things happen", he said.