The Mobile Mario Kart Game Has Been Delayed

The Mobile Mario Kart Game Has Been Delayed

Darren Sullivan
February 2, 2019

Well, you can't leave a good doctor down, as Mario is once again making house calls this summer with a new mobile game called Dr. Mario World.

Mario Kart Tour, which was initially announced over a year ago, is also now planned for a launch on mobile phones in mid-2019, according to Nintendo.

The Dr. Mario series is essentially a take on the Columns and Tetris formula, as you match pills with viruses to complete the level.

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Beyond a logo and release window announced previous year, Nintendo has not yet provided any further details about the Mario Kart Tour.

For those that have played the original game, getting to the maximum of level 20 is not all that hard. This upholds the same standard that Nintendo carries across its flagship games, ensuring a stable release.

Nintendo's upcoming smartphone game title Mario Kart Tour, which was slated for release before the end of March 2019, has now been delayed till summer. In doing so, we've learned that there's a new, best-selling Switch title, net sales are up over previous year, and the company has more money than before. Available now for players is Super Mario Run, a version of the platformer for phones, plus Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Dragalia Lost. More details are summarised in the bottom of the news release stating that the game will be free-to-play for iOS and Android but will feature optional in-app purchases. It was the first time that Mario had been playable on another game platform. That list includes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (15.02m), Super Mario Odyssey (13.76m), Super Smash Bros.