China’s Military Modernizing to Invade Taiwan, Says Pentagon Report

China’s Military Modernizing to Invade Taiwan, Says Pentagon Report

Troy Powers
January 18, 2019

"As a lot of these technologies mature, as their reorganization of their military comes into effect, as they become more proficient with these capabilities, the concern is we'll reach a point where internally in their decision-making they will decide that using military force for regional conflict is something that is more imminent", the official added.

Earlier this month, Chinese President Xi Jinping reasserted Beijing's willingness to use military force to bring self-ruling Taiwan under Chinese control.

On Tuesday, the US Defense Intelligence Agency released a new report detailing Chinese military advancements and strategy, stressing that the People's Liberation Army already leads the world in certain areas of weapons development.

"As it (China's military power) continues to grow in strength and confidence, our nation's leaders will face a China insistent on having a greater voice in global interactions, which at times may be antithetical to United States interests", Lieutenant General Robert Ashley, director of the DIA, wrote in the report. Though India can not hope to match China's ever-expanding military and economic clout, even as it remains opposed to "any militarization" of the so-called "Quad" with the US, Japan and Australia to not antagonize a prickly Beijing, New Delhi certainly needs to get its act together in the IOR.

"Domestic laws forced foreign partners of Chinese-based joint ventures to release their technology in exchange for entry into China's lucrative market, and China has used other means to secure needed technology and expertise", the report says.

According to the DIA report, China has been acquiring technology "by any means available" - and its military is now more advanced than ever. "By doing so, China has been able to focus on expediting its military modernization at a small fraction of the original cost", it said.

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The report said China's "robust, lethal force" could dominate "air, maritime, space and information domains" and undermine United States interest.

A new type of naval destroyer developed domestically by China, called the Type 055 Renhai class, "will be one of the most advanced and powerful ships in the world", the report stated.

The report concludes: "China's leaders hope that possessing these military capabilities will deter pro-independence moves by Taiwan or, should deterrence fail, will permit a range of tailored military options against Taiwan and potential third-party military intervention".

And the Chinese leader added that "we make no promise to renounce the use of force".

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen refused to acknowledge a "one China" solution and said she will not back down, despite losing re-election to a more Beijing-friendly opponent.

U.S. -China relations have become increasingly frayed on the military and economic fronts over the past year. "I think that they are fairly comfortable with the progress they've made in building out this infrastructure down there, and then working on negotiations with the other claimant states over a longer term", the senior defense official said.