This eerily ideal circle of ice is floating in a ME river

This eerily ideal circle of ice is floating in a ME river

Kerry Wise
January 17, 2019

Steven Daly of the Army Corps of Engineers' Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory told The New York Times that rotating ice disks don't occur frequently in the United States, with reports popping up once or twice a year.

Before we get into that explanation though, have a look at some gorgeous drone footage, posted by the City of Westbrook, of the phenomenon in action...

An huge icy disk doing a solitary pirouette on the Presumpscot River is dazzling observers, local and distant, alike. The disk, which is formed by the water's currents is estimated to be about 100 yards across.

Rob Mitchell, who owns a nearby office building, spotted the alien-looking disk Monday morning and immediately notified the city.

Mitchell said he notified city officials as soon as he spotted the odd, counterclockwise-rotating disk.

"It's certainly not every day that you can watch a spinning circle of ice in the river", Bertlesman said.

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The city of Westbrook, Maine shared wonderful images on Monday of a giant frozen disk that formed on the Presumpscot River.

Locals had seen smaller ice discs before but nothing like this one, Ms Radel added.

'The ducks were rotating on this big Lazy Susan, ' Mr Mitchell quipped.

Such disks can form when when icy sludge becomes frozen in an eddy or when a piece of ice starts to spin and is shaped as it hits water and rocks, TheNew York Times reported.

"It's where the aliens landed", one commenter wrote as another netizen suggested it looked like the moon. "So most likely the cause of the rotation is just the river water going by the disk and once it starts rotating in that direction it's probably going to continue".

According to city officials, the disk is about 300 feet wide - about the size of a football field.