Game of Thrones is coming April the 14th, here's the new trailer

Game of Thrones is coming April the 14th, here's the new trailer

Darren Sullivan
January 15, 2019

At the time, the company only said that Game of Thrones season 8 would premiere at some point in April 2019. It's unclear if it's footage from season 8 or just some teaser footage to further build anticipation. Considering we now know Jon's true identity is Aegon Targaryen, it remains to be seen whether Ned's quote will ring true.

In a brief clip of the new seasons, released last week during the Golden Globes, HBO showed Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow arriving in Winterfell. Nedd should have just told his wife, who's family words are Family, Duty, Honor, the truth of Jon' ancestry to ensure the boy had a mother-figure who could take care of him.

"In the third episode of the last season, there is a battle that the creators meant to be a historic moment in television", he said a fan convention in Hungary, as translated by Mashable.

Jon Snow's real mother Lyanna Stark is the first voice we hear as a feather falls from her statue before landing on the ground.

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In the pilot, Robert put a feather on Lyanna Stark's grave. It also turned to ice as the army of the dead approaches and people are wondering what it's significance could be.

Finally the teaser trailer that was directed by David Nutter comes to a close with the Stark children reaching the end of the crypt and being confronted by statues of themselves as a cold snap begins creeping it's way through the hollow chamber. And yes, we noticed that all of the quotes were about Jon. Catelyn confesses to her stubborn pride in refusing to give Jon love, and the penance she felt her family paid for it. How deep do familial ties run in Westeros and what are the consequences of (dis) loyalty? "You might not have my name, but you have my blood", Ned says in season 1.

As all the three children walk and finally come to a halt before their own statues, they seem petrified by what appears to be the oncoming onslaught of the White Walkers. Bastards and non-Starks do not receive tombs underneath Winterfell, which may hint at which direction Jon is leaning in his quest for self. That's exactly three months from today, in case you're counting the days down.