New US Congress Convenes With Democrats In Control Of House

New US Congress Convenes With Democrats In Control Of House

Kerry Wise
January 4, 2019

"Without a wall you cannot have border security", Trump said, following several statements from the individual officers.

"Whatever you want to call it", Trump said as senior Democrats refuse to agree to any partial government shutdown-ending package that would specifically allocate funds for a "wall". Democrats rejected the demand and parts of the federal government have been shut since December 22 because of lack of funding as a result.

Trump started the day on Thursday by blaming Democrats for the impasse over border security, calling their opposition to a wall "strictly politics".

Democrats have taken the majority in the House, where the Constitution says impeachment proceedings must begin.

But Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill have previously supported $1.3 billion for border security, an amount far less than the $5 billion the president has insisted on, and Democrats have refused to accede to Trump's demand for funding specifically for building a border wall.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders in a statement late on Tuesday called the Democratic plan "a non-starter because it does not fund our homeland security or keep American families safe from human trafficking, drugs, and crime".

"We have no illusions that out work will be easy, that all of us in this chamber will always agree", Pelosi said on Thursday.

Trump says the shutdown will last as long as it takes to get the money for the wall.

But today is special because Pelosi is going to go head to head with Trump himself, and we can't wait.

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"But let each of us pledge that when we disagree, we will respect each other and we will respect the truth", she added.

The funding that Mr Trump is seeking would cover only a portion of the money needed for a border wall and, when asked by a reporter if he would accept less than that, he said: "I'd rather not say it".

"Could be a long time, or it could be quickly". Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is all set to be elected as the Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

After the November congressional elections, Republicans have a 53-47 majority in the Senate and Democrats have a 235-199 margin in the House with one seat undecided. "We want to solve that issue", McCarthy said.

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As the stalemate continues, there is no end in sight to the partial shutdown, which is affecting hundreds of thousands of federal workers who have either been furloughed or have had to work without pay.

The President noted that he will likely sit down with members of the Democratic party as soon as they get back to Washington D.C. following the holidays. They don't value the sanctity of our borders and that's really problematic, especially for a border state like Texas.

The president used Twitter late Wednesday to again say he is willing to work with Democrats on a bill that would secure USA borders.

Earlier in the day, the president at his first cabinet meeting of the new year once again reiterated his case for the border wall.