Watch booby-trapped Amazon package cover thieves in glitter and fart spray

Watch booby-trapped Amazon package cover thieves in glitter and fart spray

Troy Powers
December 19, 2018

Having a package stolen from your front porch is infuriating, but a former NASA engineer has a wildly over-engineered source of vengeance.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold.

Following an experience where he had an item stolen from his front door, former NASA engineer Mark Rober chose to take matters into his own hands.

Frustrated after having a package stolen from his doorway and the lack of any action from the police, Rober chose to take things in his own hand.

In the video, Mark Rober explains that he had just been the target of porch pirates and when he turned to the police for help, they said it wasn't worth their time. However, authorities have been slow to respond and the Federal Bureau of Investigation now keeps no national statistics on the issue. But Mark Rober's glitter bomb trap for package thieves proves it can be a bit messy, too. When they open the stolen "package" it sprays them with a fog of fine glitter and five squirts of fart spray.

Some Bloke Made A Glitter Fart Bomb To Get Revenge On Xmas Package Thieves

It shows how Rober connected four phones to a GPS-connected circuit board inside an Apple box.

He made the decoy box appear to be an Apple HomePod but it was sent from Kevin McCallister from "Home Alone" (and even includes the address of the home that was used for the exteriors), The recipients were the Wet Bandits themselves Harry and Marv - Kevin's enemies.

Rober, who has more than 4.3 million subscribers on YouTube, described the package prank as his "Magnum Opus", Latin for great work, or masterpiece.

He created a device that looks like a package, but actually records thieves in the act.

"So the moral of the story is, just don't take other people's stuff", he said.

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