NYPD to return British couple's engagement ring lost after proposal

Kerry Wise
December 3, 2018

"WANTED for dropping his fiancée's ring in @TimesSquareNYC!" the tweet on Saturday read.

The New York Police Department went above and beyond for one couple.

However, police said, the man dropped the ring during the proposal and it fell through a utility grate.

Police are looking to identify a couple after an engagement ring was recovered from a utility grate in Times Square.

The couple says they're "so thankful to everyone - especially the New York Police Department".

They asked for help, but police officers were initially unsuccessful at getting the ring out and the couple left for England without leaving their names or contact information.

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On Twitter and Facebook Sunday, the NYPD issued an all-hands bulletin.

The couple will now liaise with the NYPD to get the ring safely returned to their home in Peterborough.

"We are so happy, we can't believe it", the young couple said after discovering their lost engagement ring had been found.

The couple spotted the Twitter post as soon as they touched down in London on Sunday morning. "We're making arrangements to get them their ring back".

It wasn't such a "grate" proposal, but there's a happy ending. While his partner watches, the man drops to his stomach on the sidewalk but the ring is 3000 per cent out of his reach.

Anthony said yes, but the ring was too big for her finger.