Google's Project Fi service is finally iPhone friendly

Google's Project Fi service is finally iPhone friendly

Lindsey Duncan
November 29, 2018

However, starting today, "Project Fi" is expanding beyond phones like the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL, including launching on Apple's iPhone, Samsung phones, OnePlus, LG, and Moto handsets, according to Google.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile is working to close its proposed acquisition of Sprint, a transaction that promises to eliminate one network option from the MVNO sector. Data costs $10 per each GB that you use, but once you hit 6GB (or more if you're on a family plan), Bill Protection kicks in and you aren't charged for additional data use until your next bill. So if you use 2GB of data, your phone bill will be $40. In other words, you might miss out on the fast network switching between T-Mobile, Sprint, and WiFi, and the new enhanced network features they just rolled out. In the rare instance that someone uses more than 15GB in a single billing period, remaining cellular data may be throttled but is still free. And because the program is still in beta, Google says users are required to go through a "few extra steps" to get the service working via the Google Fi iOS app.

A few other reasons I've been using Fi for the past year or so include free tethering, no additional charge for global data, and relatively affordable worldwide phone calls. If you want the full power of Fi's multi-carrier network, you will still need to buy one of the above "Fi-compatible" devices.

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While the service does support additional handsets other than Google's own Pixel smartphones, the list hasn't been extensive. Since its inception, Fi has only been compatible with specific phones, all of which ran Android.

Reading the tea leaves, however, the Google Fi announcement signals to customers who love the service that Google isn't planning to scrap it anytime soon. Then you'll need a phone that's officially created to support Fi. So if you're looking for the full Google Fi experience, including Fi's unique technology to seamlessly switch between multiple cellular networks, you can use a phone designed for Fi-like the Pixel 3, Moto G6, and any other phone available on the Google Fi website. That will net you $999 worth of gift cards, which you can mix-and-match for services like, Airbnb, or flights from Delta or Southwest Airlines.