US Missionary Sang

US Missionary Sang "Worship" Songs To Uncontacted Tribe In Days Before Death

Kerry Wise
November 23, 2018

Numerous island chain's other tribes have been decimated over the past century, lost to disease, intermarriage and migration.

One well-meaning visitor who had a tragic ending was explorer John Allen Chau, a 26-year-old missionary. They may be a odd anachronism in these times, but they have been known to harm only those who try to break into their secluded lives. One of the juveniles shot at him with an arrow, which pierced his waterproof Bible, he wrote.

"You guys might think I'm insane in all this but I think it's worthwhile to declare Jesus to these people", he wrote in a last note to his family on November 16, shortly before he left the safety of the fishing boat to meet the tribesmen on the island.

"I love to explore", he said in the interview. Asked why, and she replied, "My prayers". Chau's family have forgiven those who killed their son. To others he was a Christian missionary, a wilderness EMT (emergency medical technician), an global soccer coach and a mountaineer.

Formal attempts at making contact with the remote people of North Sentinel Island have been marred with ignorance and violence. He went on to graduate from Oral Roberts University, a Christian college in Oklahoma, in 2014, with a degree health and exercise science.

Chau estimated there were about 250 inhabitants on the island, with at least 10 people living in each hut.

His notes indicate that he knew the trip was illegal, describing how the small fishing vessel transported him to the isolated island under cover of darkness, evading patrols.

The Christian evangelist who attempted to convert one of the world's last remaining isolated tribes wrote of his convictions in pursuing the mission even in the face of open hostility and attempts on his life, according to diary entries and notes.

As per the report, Chau tried to offer the tribespeople fish and football.

The next morning, they saw his body "being dragged and then buried", Yadav said.

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Local authorities are considering whether than can retrieve Mr Chau's body, Mr Pathak said.

"It's a hard proposition", said Dependera Pathak, director-general of police on India's Andaman and Nicobar Islands, where North Sentinel is located.

Police sent a helicopter to conduct reconnaissance on Tuesday, and a separate team travelled to the area on Wednesday.

Indian police said a murder case had been registered against "unknown" tribespeople and that the fishermen who allegedly helped Chau get to the island were arrested.

"The Indian government has adopted an "'eyes-on and hands-off' policy to ensure that no poachers enter (North Sentinel Island)", according to India's Ministry of Tribal Affairs. Attempts by Indian census officials to count them from a distance have put their number at fewer than 100.

They are the most isolated among the native tribal groups that inhabit the Andaman islands and are protected by Indian laws which ban any contact with the indigenous people.

In Instagram posts and journals, Chau wrote that he found the remote Sentinel Island inspiring but frightening.

"I remember thinking about how strong the contrast was between the vibrant beauty and life seen in this picture and the stark potentiality of death lingering at every misstep, and how fragile life is, and how the pictures I was taking could have been the last I ever took", he said.

In a statement, they said John Allen Chau "loved God, life, helping those in need, and had nothing but love for the Sentinelese people".