Blizzard's Overwatch reveals hero 29, Ashe

Blizzard's Overwatch reveals hero 29, Ashe

Lindsey Duncan
November 5, 2018

Introduced in the animated short "Reunion", Ashe attempts to hold her own against Jessie McCree before getting defeated. There might have been some unfavorable reactions to Blizzard's unveiling of Diablo: Immortals as a mobile-exclusive title, but there was another highlight that was very welcome, and that was the announcement of six Overwatch LEGO building sets. The first figure in Blizzard's new Overwatch Ultimate Figure line, Mercy, was also shown and scheduled for 2019. Our old pal McCree has a squabble on Route 66 with the Deadlock Gang and its leader, Ashe, who as it turns out is the game's newest hero.

Unlike most other characters in Overwatch, it seems like Ashe's primary weapon - a semi-automatic rifle named "The Viper" - can be aimed via iron sights or hip fire. Echo, a robotic member of Overwatch that had been "turned-off" for quite some time, was locked inside the mysterious container McCree and Ashe were fighting over. The vast pushback can propel her into the air if shot at the ground and it can also push enemies away too similarly to Brigitte's flail.

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Joined by Kaplan, he's defending on Blizzard World as Ashe, against an enemy team that also has the new character.

Dynamite explodes in an area after a short delay, dealing damage over time. Then there's the coach gun, a sawed-off shotgun that knocks Ashe and her targets backward. When he arrives, he charges toward enemies and pops them into the sky while firing at them with arm cannons.