Palestinians to UN Mideast peace envoy: Go 'on vacation with Israeli friends'

Palestinians to UN Mideast peace envoy: Go 'on vacation with Israeli friends'

Kerry Wise
October 14, 2018

Gaza's Health Ministry said Friday that four were killed in one location, where the Israeli military said it opened fire on a crowed of Palestinians who breached the fence and approached an army post.

Tensions between Israelis and Palestinians on the Gaza border have been mounting since late March, which marked the start of a wave of protests called the "Great March of Return".

Palestinians carry a wounded man during clashes with Israeli troops on the Gaza-Israel border, east of Gaza City, on October 12, 2018.

"The strength of will and the determination of our people in the March of Return will lead to victory over the crimes of the occupation", he said while attending funerals for those killed in Friday's violent riots.

The Israeli military has been criticised by Palestinians and worldwide human rights groups for its lethal response to the protests. Most of the Palestinians were killed during border demonstrations, though others died in air strikes and tank shelling.

An Israeli soldier and a bystander were injured in a stabbing attack in the West Bank. And on Thursday, a Palestinian man stabbed and wounded an Israeli soldier, raising the possibility of a revenge attack.

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"The rioters are burning tires and are hurling rocks, explosive devices, firebombs and grenades at IDF troops and the security fence", according to an IDF statement.

Nearly every evening, thousands of Gazans have been gathering for violent demonstrations at the Erez crossing and elsewhere, in what is regarded by some as part of Hamas's attempts to signal to Israel that it wants an economic solution to the Gaza Strip.

In recent months, the P.A. has limited the number of resources it provides to the region, and blasted Qatar for providing $450,000 in fuel to Gaza this week, accusing Qatar of harming Palestinian unity.

On Friday, Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman announced suspending fuel delivery to Gaza in response to the protests, Haaretz reported.

Gaza-based social media released a video showing a crowd of Palestinian demonstrators surrounding Islamic Hamas movement politburo chief Ismail Haniyeh to protect him from the tear gas.

Palestinian protesters evacuate a wounded youth was shot by Israeli troops during a protest at the Gaza Strip's border with Israel, Friday, Oct. 12, 2018.