Apple Will Introduce The Latest iPhone on September 12

Apple Will Introduce The Latest iPhone on September 12

Lindsey Duncan
August 31, 2018

Apple will unveil its renewed iPhone strategy at the event.

If previous years are any indication, Apple's new iPhones could go on sale the following week, perhaps on September 21.

Apple is expected to unveil a new Apple Watch, along with three new models of its flagship smartphone, at its event on September 12.

Apple's event invitation made heavy use of the color gold, fueling speculation on social media that the company plans to launch a gold-colored successor to the iPhone X, which was made available only in silver and gray a year ago.

New watch faces would make sense with a newly designed Apple Watch.

Images of the new iPhone Xs and the Apple Watch 4 have leaked online today, revealing the major design changes Apple has in store. It looks incredibly busy, and I'm not sure why anyone would need that much information at a glance, but the complications do look sleeker than ever.

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Apple typically launches new iPhones on a Friday two weeks after CEO Tim Cook unveiled everything on stage.

The new watch face is likely Apple attempting to take advantage of the larger screen real estate, and it's more than possible that Apple has also designed a number of other new watch faces to do the same. But excluding Pencil support might not be that big of a deal for iPhone users, especially if that feature isn't accompanied by a redesign of Apple's Pencil, an iPad accessory that seemingly embraces form over function compared to similar styli from the competition. Some of the new iPhones are expected to run at a cheaper price with fewer features, while others will boast the same expensive price tag as 2017's X model. Still, it's expected to be available in some eye-catching colors to entice consumers into buying a less expensive iPhone.

Rumors also suggest this new iPhone will not come with 3D Touch.

Last year Apple held its first keynote at the purpose-built theatre named after Apple founder Steve Jobs.

The Cupertino, California firm apparently leaked images of its upcoming iPhone and Apple Watch refreshes.