Morrison a less popular salesman than Turnbull, says Shorten

Morrison a less popular salesman than Turnbull, says Shorten

Kerry Wise
August 26, 2018

Scott Morrison (pictured with deputy Liberal leader Josh Frydenberg) is Australia's new Prime Minister.

During a three-way vote, whoever comes last in the first round will be eliminated with a second round taking place to decide who becomes leader.

Morrison and Bishop, who are both from Turnbull's moderate wing of the party, stood against Dutton in a bid to nullify his conservative alliance.

The son of a policeman, Morrison - known as "ScoMo" - becomes Australia's seventh Prime Minister in 11 years, replacing a man who became the latest in a long line of leaders knifed in the back by their allies.

Morrison, who was immigration minister before becoming treasurer, was reportedly quietly canvassing support among his colleagues as Turnbull feuded with his rivals during the week.

"Former prime ministers are best out of the parliament", he told reporters on Thursday.

Former opposition leader John Hewson, now an analyst at the Australian National University, said the turmoil was indicative of a new breed of unprincipled politicians, coupled with a voracious media cycle that appeals to their worst instincts.

His departure from politics will spark a by-election for his Sydney seat, threatening the government's wafer-thin one-seat parliamentary majority.

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"It is described by many people ... as a form of madness, and it is remarkable we're at this point where only a month ago we were being avid readers of polls, and we were just little bit behind Labor".

"It was extraordinary. It was described as madness by many, and I think it's hard to describe it in any other way, " Mr Turnbull said.

New Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (pictured) had his first phone call with US President Donald Trump on Saturday.

The crisis has started to hit the nation's financial markets, with the Australian dollar weakening as much as 1.5 per cent against the U.S. dollar on Thursday.

We're looking at you, Peter Dutton from Texas. "It is that it has looked like a government in an advanced state of political decay, and one that has largely forfeited its right to be taken seriously", the Conversation opinion newspaper noted. "I relish it", he said after rising to the country's highest political role. "There are no greater friends than the United States and Australia", Mr Trump wrote.

Not a single leader in recent times has managed to complete a full term, a pattern many Australians say they are sick and exhausted of.

In the run-up to the party coup, Twitter was filled with the hashtag #libspill, a reference to the Liberal party's leadership spill - with one left-leaning tweeter calling it the country's "national sport".

"Morrison is a social and economic conservative and has strong religious convictions".