Not Having ‘Fortnite’ Could Cost Google At Least $50 Million This Year

Not Having ‘Fortnite’ Could Cost Google At Least $50 Million This Year

Lindsey Duncan
August 15, 2018

Things are a bit easier for you if you've got a Samsung device.

We're now enrolled in Fortnite's Android beta, and we'll be sure to bring you our first impressions of the game once we receive the green light. Yes, that's right - Epic has the ability to not only ban accounts but can also pull unique device identifiers and make sure that those devices can't access its server. But as rumours anticipated, Fortnite Beta on Android finally arrived with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but it's not entirely exclusive as expected.

At present, the top search result on the Google Play Store for "Fortnite" is its direct competitor; PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile. However, the good news is that Fortnite's exclusivity to Samsung devices has come to an end and now the beta is available for download on other Android smartphones too.

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Once you download the APK, the file must be moved to an Android smartphone for further installation. That's it. You can also download the game straight from Epic's website. Of course, the company has measures in place that are supposed to stop fake versions of apps making their way to the store - or at least getting them removed quickly - but we've seen time and time again that these measures fail, thereby putting Android users at risk.

Fortnite is available now for Nintendo Switch, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It's steering people away from fake and possibly risky apps that might try to cash in on the confusion of Fortnite not being in the one place you'd really expect it to be. As 9to5 Google notes, the Fortnite Installer includes a post-installation notification reminding users to "make your device as secure as possible" by disabling the permissions that Fortnite itself required to be installed.

Unfortunately, most users won't get past the sign-in process as only invited players will be able to launch the game.