Trump sets goal to create United States military Space Force by 2020

Trump sets goal to create United States military Space Force by 2020

Kerry Wise
August 13, 2018

USA vice president Mike Pence has announced plans for a new, separate American Space Force as sixth military service by 2020.

Aldrin, the second man to step on the moon in 1969, announced on Twitter his support for the president's potential extension of the military.

Democratic Senator Brian Schatz said Space Force "won t happen".

The vice president then outlined the proposal, which is being delivered to Congress because the creation of a new military branch requires congressional action.

Form a Space Operations Force made up of an elite group of joint warfighters specializing in the space domain to "form the backbone" of the new service.

Mr. Trump officially directed the Department of Defense to establish a sixth branch of the USA military in space back in June, saying the space force would ensure American dominance in the final frontier. But a US force won't be with anybody unless Congress approves funding, and they already tabled the idea.

The Russian Embassy appeared to boldly troll the US Friday following the Trump administration's announcement of a Space Force.

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In an email to supporters sent out this afternoon, the Trump Make America Great Again Committee asked their supporters to vote for their favorite Space Force logo design. Writing to Sen. John McCain previous year, Mattis said that he opposed the creation of "additional organizational layers at a time when we are focused on reducing overhead and integrating joint warfighting functions".

While Defense Secretary Jim Mattis rejected the idea of creating a Space Force within the Air Force in 2017, it seems he's changed course, but stopped short of promising a new branch.

Satellites provide communications, navigation, intelligence and other services vital to the military and the economy. He worries that creating an all-new branch will just create more bureaucracy, Brumfiel reports.

"We are glad that the Pentagon is finally taking these steps in enhancing our space strength", Reps.

A legislative proposal with necessary authorities for the space branch will be filed with the 2020 National Defense Authorization bill, according to DOD's report to Congress. China and Russian Federation have tested weapons that could be used for that goal: China destroyed one of its own satellites in a 2007 test, and Russian Federation revived its defunct space force in 2011. It is a process we're in.

Create a new Space Development Agency to develop new space capabilities.

The new branch will have a separate command by the end of the year. The Air Force, after all, is run by pilots, not astronauts. A full-fledged space force would cost significantly more, but no one knows how much yet. This group would be the core of an eventual Space Force, to be created as a separate military service.