USA general slams leader of Iran's Quds Force

USA general slams leader of Iran's Quds Force

Troy Powers
August 10, 2018

The Iranian parliament voted to remove Labor Minister Ali Rabie during a raucous debate Wednesday on new economic policies to tackle unemployment and bolster the weak economic situation in the country, a day after new US economic sanctions went into effect. "But now, all the countries in the world are supporting Iran". A second batch of USA sanctions will be re-imposed on Iran in November with the aim of undermining its oil exports and shipping sectors.

"This is a clear example of Washington violating UN Resolution 2231 (on the Iran nuclear deal) and global law", the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The sanctions target transactions with USA dollar banknotes, certain transactions related to the Iranian rial, and Iran's automotive sector, among other areas.

The ministry also reminded Washington that Beijing follows a consistent policy of opposing any "unilateral sanctions and long-armed jurisdiction" indiscriminately practiced by the United States against members of the worldwide community.

Despite all the courageous words of defiance when the United States announced renewed sanctions against Iran, German firms are suspending business with the Middle Eastern country now that they are in place for fear of President Donald Trump's wrath.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamad Javad Zarif castigated Trump for "threatening" Iran and other nations, saying in a tweet "the world won't follow impulsive tweeted diktats".

He said military officials would use intelligence and surveillance to keep apprised of Iranian activities that might impact maritime commerce.

The general overseeing United States military operations in the Middle East said Wednesday that an Iranian naval exercise around the Strait of Hormuz was meant to send a message to Washington before it reimposed sanctions on Tehran.

Trump has said he is ready to hold talks with Iranian leaders, without preconditions but meanwhile, his administration has vowed to press on with its pressure campaign.

Trump has pledged to bring Iran's oil exports - now at around 2.4 million bpd - to zero but Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif stressed that the USA leader will not succeed. "Yesterday's US decision should make that abundantly clear".

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Trump said Monday that he was open to new talks to reach a "more comprehensive deal" with Iran.

As the US move also puts Turkey in a tight situation, the Turkish foreign ministry said authorities are working to avoid the USA sanctions from harming Turkey.

"I congratulate President Trump and the USA administration for making the important decision to impose sanctions on Iran".

"We do not have to adhere to the sanctions imposed on a country by another country".

Iran's regional rivals Israel and Saudi Arabia have welcomed the tough new U.S. policy. "It has propped up the Syrian regime and participated in crimes against humanity in Syria".

The first wave of USA sanctions targeting Iran's automotive sector as well as gold, steel, and other metals went into effect Tuesday.

Criticizing the Iran nuclear deal, Harris stated, "all of this accelerated after the JCPOA was signed in 2015".

The resolution, unanimously adopted six days after the nuclear deal was signed in Vienna, calling on United Nations member states to refrain "from actions that undermine implementation of commitments" under the Vienna agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Program of Action (JCPOA).

"Iran's cyber activities against the world have been the most consequential, costly and aggressive in the history of the Internet, more so than Russian Federation".