Mike Pence expected to announce plans for ‘Space Force’ in U.S

Mike Pence expected to announce plans for ‘Space Force’ in U.S

Kerry Wise
August 10, 2018

The debate is over.

"A sixth branch of the United States military to support America's objectives in orbit".

Vice President Mike Pence announced Thursday that the Pentagon has begun planning to create a Space Force, embarking on an effort to create the first new armed service since 1947.

A significant portion of Pence's speech was devoted to arguing that this is the right time for a space force.

He warned about developments made by Russian Federation and China claiming that "hypersonic" weapons were nearly a reality.

Pence said the new agency would help the Department of Defense "break free from ineffective and duplicative bureaucratic structures". A formal proposal to establish the Space Force will be included in next year's National Defense Authorization Act, and that bill will include all funding details. Space is vital to the way the United States wages war; The Pentagon's satellites are used for missile-defence warnings, guiding precision munitions, and providing communications and reconnaissance. Pence told a Pentagon audience that the plan fulfils U.S. President Donald Trump's vow to ensure America's dominance in space. "But as Nazi air forces bombed their way from Warsaw to London, our military commanders took decisive action then to meet that new threat head on", he said. These would include a secretary of the Space Force, which will eventually reach the same status as the secretary of the Army or Navy and have a seat on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The White House is advocating for Congress to invest an additional $8 billion in space security systems over the next five years. The change, which would require approval from Congress, would be a dramatic change in the organization of the Defense Department.

But he, too, isn't convinced that a Space Force is the answer.

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President Donald Trump holds up the space policy directive that he signed during a National Space Council meeting in Washington, June 18, 2018. The Trump administration believes the Space Force will allow it to accomplish that goal, and the nation now has at least the beginnings of a plan to bring its fifth military branch to fruition. Things could get contentious on Capitol Hill as the Space Force issue has taken a more partisan tone.

The Republicans face a battle to hang on to control of the Senate and House of Representatives in November's mid-term elections.

"The U.S. Space Force will strengthen security, ensure our prosperity and it will also carry American ideals into the boundless expanse of space", Pence said on Thursday. It already contains a Space Command, which it established in 1982.

Under the plan, the Pentagon will recruit a civilian Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space, and set up an office to develop tech and buy satellites to help the United States in space combat.

The report calls for the creation of a new major unified Combatant Command called US Space Command, which would be akin to the operational commands that oversee US troops in the Middle East and the Indo-Pacific.

Congress' most ardent proponents of a separate service for space commended Pence's remarks. Today, other nations are seeking to disrupt our space-based systems and challenge American supremacy in space as never before.

The creation of a role called the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space.