Nine family members among victims of United States 'duck boat' tragedy

Nine family members among victims of United States 'duck boat' tragedy

Kerry Wise
July 22, 2018

Nine members of one family were among 17 people killed when an amphibious USA tourist boat capsized during a sudden storm on a Missouri lake, a tragedy which raised renewed questions on Saturday about the safety of the craft known as "duck" boats. It occurred amid thunderstorms, wind speeds up to 63 miles per hour and rough waters. At the time, he said, the water seemed calm, and no one was anxious about the weather.

Mr Parson told Fox News: "There's a lot of heroes involved... people who took it upon themselves to pull people out of the water and saved lives".

The National Transportation Safety Board and US Coast Guard are investigating.

"He said it when we were in the water", she told Fox59.

Philadelphia: Two tourists died in 2010 when the duck boat they were riding in was struck by a tugboat in the Delaware River.

Video footage captured from the lakeshore showed two amphibious vessels, known as duck boats for their ability to operate on land and water, struggling to move through the waves. In total, 17 people died, including 9 members of the same family.

Boston Duck Tours' 28 amphibious boats are barred from operating in extreme weather conditions like those that appeared to have contributed to the fatal duck boat sinking in Missouri Thursday night, the company said.

Barlow says there are ways to stay safe on the water like having life jackets and checking the weather constantly - even when you expect a sunny clear day.

"It's a warning telling people to take shelter", he said.

Seven people have been hospitalized.

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Mr. Rader said an off-duty sheriff's deputy working security for the boat company helped rescue people after the boat capsized.

"They are risky on land and on water".

The captain of the boat told everyone "don't worry about grabbing life jackets - you won't need them", and everyone followed the instructions, Coleman said.

A microburst is a severe, localised wind gust, blasting down from a thunderstorm, typically covering an area less than 4km in diameter and lasting less than five minutes.

She said they went to the wrong duck boat business but were able to switch out their tickets for the 6:30 p.m. ride.

Duck boats were originally used by the US military in World War II to transport troops and supplies, and later were modified for use as sightseeing vehicles.

Suzanne Smagala is with Ripley Entertainment, which runs the duck boat operation in Branson.

Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader previously confirmed that the captain was among those who survived the capsizing. Another duck boat on the lake made it safely back to shore.

Hot Springs, Ark.: In 1999, a military surplus duck sank, killing 13 people.

The maker of the Missouri duck boat, Ride the Ducks International, did not respond to a request for comment.