Boris Johnson launches attack on Theresa May's Brexit plan in British Parliament

Boris Johnson launches attack on Theresa May's Brexit plan in British Parliament

Troy Powers
July 20, 2018

It has been confirmed that Mr Johnson will make his resignation speech to the House of Commons following PMQs, a source close to the former foreign secretary has said.

He was also the face of Vote Leave - the official pro-Brexit campaign group that was recently fined for breaking electoral law by overspending nearly US$600,000. Pro-leave Andrea Jenkyns asked her during prime minister's questions: 'At what point was it decided that Brexit means Remain?'

May also said talks had already started with Brussels based on the proposal set down in a white paper policy document last week after her divided government had thrashed out a deal at her Chequers country residence.

'We have changed tack once and we can change tack again.

Twelve Tory "remainer" MPs rebelled against the party whip and backed the amendment while four Labour Brexit-supporting MPs rebelled against their party whip and backed the government.

Will Boris Johnson take the opportunity to attack Mrs May's Brexit plan?

In the meantime, there are already reports that the European Union is preparing to issue a warning to European Union member states to step up preparations for the United Kingdom exiting from the bloc on March 27 next year without an agreement, just as new Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab sets off to bring the new proposal to the negotiating table in Brussels.

By prevailing in Tuesday's vote, she avoided for now the prospect of having to go back on her word that Britain will not be part of any customs union after leaving the EU - something that would have enraged the pro-Brexit wing of her party.

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He said Britain had become mired in a fog of self-doubt and that there had been a stealthy retreat over the last 18 months from what he called the "bright certainties" of May's earlier vision of Brexit.

"If we get distracted by individual amendments to individual pieces of legislation ... then I think we get dragged into an unnecessary debate that wastes a lot of time and energy", Foreign Minister Simon Coveney told state broadcaster RTE.

In a letter to his constituents, Mr Davies said the Chequers plan on trade is "unacceptable" and revealed he was concerned that proposals to give European Union citizens preferential immigration status for work and study "will go too far".

But her plan so far has pleased few on both sides, compounding divisions within the Conservative Party that have so far frustrated progress in talks with the European Union, and triggering a war of words between eurosceptic and pro-EU factions.

John Major, who lost power in 1997 after years of Conservative dissent over Europe, also backs a second poll and said positions were more "entrenched" today. "God knows, the threat of a Corbyn government is real", Clarke said.

There was a moment of relief for May when one of her MPs, Simon Clarke declared he was withdrawing his letter of no confidence in the prime minister and said others should give May their backing.

Boris Johnson speaks at the House of Commons on Wednesday.