Trump, May show united front after candid tabloid interview

Trump, May show united front after candid tabloid interview

Kerry Wise
July 15, 2018

Trump also said that he "would have done it much differently" in reference to the Brexit plan.

Around 1,000 people gathered to watch the blimp launch in Parliament Square, with organisers of the stunt wearing red boiler suits and baseball caps emblazoned with "TRUMP BABYSITTER".

In an interview with the Sun published late Thursday, as he dined with May, Trump said her proposal to execute a so-called "soft Brexit", maintaining ties with the European Union, was wrong and would torpedo a us trade deal.

Hours before US President Donald Trump was due to touch down in Britain for a meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May, he lobs a verbal hand grenade at his host over her Brexit blueprint.

"Scottish Secretary David Mundell greeted the president at Prestwick on Friday night and said: "(Mr Trump) said he had been in Scotland many times and was very pleased to be here as president.

Instead of holding his meetings in London, Trump will instead hold talks with Prime Minister Theresa May at her country retreat outside the city and take tea with the Queen at Windsor Castle, on London's western outskirts. During the press conference, a CNN reporter tried to ask Trump a question, but the president wasn't having it. "CNN is fake news".

North Korea plotting to keep arsenal
Immediately following the summit, Trump was quick to claim there was "no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea". What we are going to give is good things in the future.

During his visit to the country, which included a dinner with Prime Minister Theresa May, Londoners came out in the thousands to protest the US president.

However, what made the headlines was how Donald Trump upstaged the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II. "I think she represents her country so well", Trump said.

Responding to the comments, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said it was preposterous to blame a rise in violent crime in the city on immigration. "I think he has done a bad job on crime, if you look, all the awful things going on there, with all of the crime that is being brought in".

Ahead of the United States leader's visit, Khan gave permission for a 20-foot-tall "Trump Baby" blimp to be flown above Parliament Square which Trump said made him feel "unwelcome" in London.

Matthew Butcher, an anti-Trump campaigner and one of the "babysitters" of the balloon, said: "I think that the thing that the Trump balloon does is that it brings an element of fun to the protests, but it also gets under Donald Trump's very thin skin".