Georgia woman arrested after cop appears to use coin flip app

Georgia woman arrested after cop appears to use coin flip app

Kerry Wise
July 15, 2018

"I asked WEBB to step out of the vehicle and place her hands behind her back", the arresting officer wrote in a report.

Former Los Angeles Police Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey told IE she thinks this isn't the cops' first time doing this "because they did it easily". Wilson replies that there are other ways to cite a driver for speeding.

They handcuffed Webb, who is seen crying in the video, and arrested her on charges including reckless driving. The news outlet reported Webb was pulled over for a traffic stop this past April for allegedly speeding past a police cruiser. The cop then asks her cohorts what should be done next.

Opening an app on her phone, the officers agreed if it landed on heads, she would be arrested, and if it landed on tails, she would be released.

"So you can go over 80 miles per hour?"

With their options only to arrest Sarah and take her to jail or to release her, Brown turned to a coin for help.

Officer Wilson: "23 (code for arrest)". Webb had no idea that the officers used the coin flip method until Alive 11 alerted her of the video.

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'Sarah could have lost her job and she could have lost her license.

"I've been a law enforcement professional for nearly 40 years and, again, I was appalled to believe that a police officer would let a flip of a coin be the deciding factor in whether to issue someone a citation or, more importantly, take someone into custody", Grant said. This caused a big financial hardship to our family'.

Roswell Police Chief Rusty Grants told WSB-TV he was appalled when he found out about the incident from an internal department source earlier this month.

'I couldn't believe what I was seeing, to be honest, ' Grant said.

She said the officers received 'a paid vacation'.

"These are people who are supposed to protect us, and instead are treating our freedom and our lives like games", she said.

Brown and Wilson have been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation, according to WXIA.