Nintendo And Microsoft Issue A Trailer Highlighting Cross Platform Play In Minecraft

Nintendo And Microsoft Issue A Trailer Highlighting Cross Platform Play In Minecraft

Lindsey Duncan
June 25, 2018

Leaving those on the console unable to play with their friends who prefer being on PC, Xbox, mobile, or Switch.

Nintendo has released an official trailer commemorating the monumental occasion, and it's glorious in both its inclusiveness and the way it subtly digs at Sony for not being part of the partnership.

Finally, the report suggests that PS Now will get a download option, effectively allowing users to play PS3 and PS2 games on the PS4 with no need for a persistent Internet connection.

Sony made mainstream news with its "hijacking" of players' Fortnite accounts, which get locked out from Nintendo Switch and Xbox cross-play the moment they become connected to PlayStation Network. Microsoft and Nintendo have taken the opportunity to remind gamers out there that cross-play exists on other systems.

Sony or the PS4 aren't mentioned, but the implication is pretty clear here because there's a Minecraft version for PS4 as well.

Team Xecuter, a well-known hacking group among the Nintendo switch homebrew community released their long-anticipated modding solution which launched on the 18th of June, giving users the ability to play backed-up cartridge dumps of various switch titles. "Sony sees cross-play support as a threat to the PlayStation 4's domination of the current-generation console and former Sony Online chief John Smedley said the move "[is] all about money. simple as that". Sony responded by championing its install base, which sits around a reported 80 million, while highlighting the fact that Fortnite isn't truly "free to play" on Xbox since it requires an Xbox Live subscription.

Is Sony right to deny cross play given the PS4's dominant market share?

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And there was an immediate outcry against Sony.

This isn't an ad created to highlight the platforms that are playing together.

With that anger still hot, Nintendo and Microsoft did the unthinkable and cooperated.

Video game stories from other sites on the web. And the PlayStation 4 comfortably leads the pack at almost 80 million units.

Nintendo and Microsoft are looking to hype up the angry rift that has grown between console gamers and Sony following its decision to ban Fortnite cross-play and cross-progression.

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