They'll do it again: Kim and Trump invite each other to visit

They'll do it again: Kim and Trump invite each other to visit

Darren Sullivan
June 13, 2018

Trump praised Kim in an interview with ABC News after the summit where he stated, "His country does love him".

During a sendoff ceremony at Pyongyang International Airport, Kim boarded a Chinese plane provided for his personal use after greeting senior officials who came to bid him farewell, KCNA reported. "Got along great with Kim Jong-un who wants to see wonderful things for his country", Trump tweeted.

The president described the North Korean leader as a "very talented" negotiator and said their meeting was "honest, direct and productive". "And he has that opportunity, and he won't have that opportunity again".

During his exchanges with Trump, Kim seemed to buy into the cinematography of their unlikely meeting, saying through a translator, "many people in the world that will think of this as a scene from a. science fiction movie". "I hope it's going to be soon", he said Tuesday at an hour-long briefing.

Trump yesterday met Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (李顯龍), was feted at lunch with an early birthday cake (his birthday is Thursday), and then went back to his hotel, the Shangri-La.

North Korea's official media brought a large number of reporters and camera operators to Singapore for the Kim trip, and they had access to various locations that was denied to media from elsewhere in the world.

That is because the North Korea strongman travels with his own personal toilet so his wastes can not be seized and analyzed by enemy agents.

Done deal President Trump shows off the document signed between the two leaders
Done deal President Trump shows off the document signed between the two leaders

The narrator says the film is "featuring President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un, in a meeting to remake history, to shine in the sun, one moment, one choice, what if?" But there have been slight differences in recent comments among senior US officials as to whether that means North Korea must first complete denuclearization - and have it verified - or if some goodwill steps would be enough.

He said that Kim is "very smart" and a "good negotiator".

Trump agreed to end joint U.S.

North Korea has celebrated the Trump-Kim summit as a great win for the country, with state media reporting that the USA intends to lift sanctions.

KCNA said the United States president expressed his intention to offer security guarantees to North Korea and lift sanctions "over a period of good-will dialogue" between the two countries.

President Trump said on Tuesday that he would like to lift sanctions against North Korea but it would not happen immediately.

The Trump administration reportedly implemented restrictions on USA press during Tuesday's trip, including photo opportunities, prompting a rebuke from The Associated Press.

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