IHOp gets bashed for its underwhelming name change reveal to IHOb

IHOp gets bashed for its underwhelming name change reveal to IHOb

Troy Powers
June 12, 2018

The International House of Pancakes, more affectionately known as IHOP, made a huge announcement this week: It's changing its name to IHOb.

After keeping the internet on its toes for several weeks, IHOP officials have announced the company's name change to IHOb.

You can't pull off a publicity stunt like the International House of Pancakes' name change to International House of Burgers and not catch some grief from your rivals.

Predictions poured in with everything from the obvious like breakfast and bacon to bananas and bellinis, but ultimately the brand revealed it stands for burgers.

The company said the secret would be revealed this morning.and it's official.

Pancake restaurant IHOP's marketing move to rebrand itself as IHOb - standing for burgers - comes at a time when beef prices are off their record highs. So for those concerned about IHOP permanently changing their name shouldn't worry.

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As if the United States needed more fastfood burger restaurants.

Although the name change may not be permanent, a few IHOP's in Los Angeles have taken things to the next level by changing their store signs.

Twitter users also didn't think IHOP's switch to burgers cut the mustard either.

"We'll certainly get back to promoting breakfast items some time after this", he said.

This letter swap is a promotion to show off the 60-year-old chain's new line of burgers and to emphasize the lunch and dinner options available at the iconic breakfast spot. IHOP's pancakes aren't going anywhere, but the chain does hope to sell more burgers-which it's actually had on the menu since its start in 1958.