How to Watch Apple's WWDC Keynote This Evening

How to Watch Apple's WWDC Keynote This Evening

Lindsey Duncan
June 5, 2018

Don't worry if you missed out on watching Apple's big show on Monday though, because we've got you covered. Faster and More Responsive iOS 12 is created to make everyday tasks on iPhone and iPad faster and more responsive with performance improvements across the system. The firm is "doubling down on performance", apps will launch 40percent faster, the camera will open 70 percent faster and so on. Even when there is a lot going on across the system, apps can launch up to twice as fast. In addition to concerns over iPhone addiction, Apple had to do damage control for secretly slowing down phones with old batteries to prevent them from shutting down.

The new AR Kit focuses on shared experiences, where multiple people could be sharing the same virtual environment. The company said the operating system would work on the same devices as iOS 11, a range of products that date back to 2013.

Apple is set to unveil software that helps cure iPhone addiction
Full details on the new technology stack are still unknown, but we can expect to hear a lot more about it from WWDC on Monday. That could include the announcement of ARKit 2 with new support for multiplayer modes in AR-based games.

The features came several months after major shareholders wrote a letter to Apple asking the company to add more parental controls and to study the impact of excessive iPhone usage on mental health. New characters incoming include a ghost, koala, tiger and T-rex. Some of it is silly, like the new "Memoji", that is, your face as an Animoji, or that Animojis now have tongue detection. The company is also building up SiriKit, its tools for third-party developers to create apps for its voice assistant, including adjusting a smart thermostat, hailing a Lyft ride or sending a text message. We can't imagine many people will use this as their default way of unlocking their device, but it should be helpful if you get locked out of your phone while watching a video.

Apple then unveiled an upgraded Do Not Disturb mode for during bedtime, which hides notifications during a user's bedtime in case they wake up and look at their phone. Siri intelligence can suggest an action at just the right time - whether it's to order a coffee in the morning or start an afternoon workout. It's easy for developers to take advantage of this new capability using Shortcut APIs. The new OS' improved notification management will let users have notifications delivered quietly, turned off, or grouped together for clarity. A new For You section will highlight photos that the app thinks you'll particularly enjoy - such as a photo taken on this day one year ago. You can also hard press this function so you can easily set a time limit for it.