New privacy law forces some USA media offline in Europe

New privacy law forces some USA media offline in Europe

Troy Powers
May 25, 2018

Data relating to your physical appearance and behaviour such as hair color, race, and height.

Previously, if you decided you no longer wanted your Apple ID, it was ok for Apple to disable it but then hold onto all your data so that it could re-enable it at a later date if you changed your mind. In certain circumstances, your hair color may be enough.

Other big name American news channels such as CNN and the New York Times seem to be more prepared and were not affected.

What Does the GDPR Do?

Facebook has been showing pop-up messages to European Union citizens about how it is using their data, and asking for continued access to the information it has on them.

Requests for consent must be concise, transparent, intelligible, and in clear and plain language.

It's also important to note that using customer data requires consent in many cases-but not all of them.

The right to rectification: This means you can change that personal data if it's incorrect. Companies have one month to comply.

Paul Marsden, consumer psychologist at SYZYGY, added: "Businesses now have the opportunity to fix the data-driven trust deficit, for example by putting people in control of their own data; enabling them to view, limit, erase and update the data held about them".

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It gives us significant empowerment over whether, how, and when our data is used.

The right to data portability, so any information companies store about customers can be demanded, and moved elsewhere.

This will enable you to reuse your data - for instance, it could help you get a better energy deal if you upload your usage data to a switching service. Second, customers will have to be provided the option to delete personal data.

The 99 articles contained in the 88 pages of the GDPR represent the most extensive overhaul of data protection rules in Europe in a generation-and they affect companies and consumers in Europe and beyond, including Canadians. In complying with the new GDPR laws, all un-migrated accounts will be purged, resulting in any previous posts becoming anonymous and the loss of your nickname. This is why pretty much every service you've ever given your email address to is contacting you.

That means companies have had to put in place processes for dealing with such requests and educating their workforce because any non-compliance could lead to stiff sanctions. An organization can be fined up to €20 million or 4% of their worldwide annual turnover (whichever is greater) under the laws.

The group NOYB.EU - which stands for "none of your business" - claims its action could force the US internet giants to pay up to 7 billion euros ($8.2 billion).

So we can all find something to be happy about this GDPR Day - even if it's just that we'll finally see the back of those emails from e-card websites we've been getting for the last 15 years. He added that the law will also have a huge impact on manufacturing, hospitality, and other financial services that have an exposure to EU.

Schrems argues that if you don't accept all the new privacy policies right now, you can't use Facebook, Android, Google, Instagram, or WhatsApp. Individuals also have the right to access data accumulated by companies and can ask that their data be transferred to another service provider or company. For the time being, only European Union based accounts can use it but Apple plans to roll it out worldwide over the next few months.