Putin meets Assad, requires 'political course of' on Syria

Putin meets Assad, requires 'political course of' on Syria

Kerry Wise
May 18, 2018

Support allies Russian Federation and Iran played a crucial role in the Syrian military reversing gains by rebels and jihadis, and Putin congratulated his Syrian counterpart on "the significant success of the Syrian government army in the fight against terrorist groups", which he should be followed by "a full-fledged political process".

The news agency also paraphrased Mr. Putin's message, though slightly differently, saying that, "in the course of the meeting Putin announced to Assad that he was counting on the withdrawal of foreign armed forces from the territory of Syria".

"The Syrian president has made the decision to send his part of a delegation to form the Constitutional Committee that is to work on Syria's constitutional law".

The Russian president said the terrorists have laid down their arms in key locations in Syria, allowing for the restoration of Syrian infrastructure. Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, for example, met with Mr. Putin in Moscow on May 9.

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Russian Federation has been one of Assad's most critical allies throughout the ongoing civil war in Syria. Its navy help not exclusively ensured the survival of Assad's regime, it modified the course of the warfare.

According to the report, Putin congratulated Assad on the "big achievement" recorded by the Syrian army in the war against terrorism.

The situation in Syria is now favorable for the political process, Russia's president said late Thursday.

In keeping with a Kremlin assertion, Assad mentioned "stability is bettering" in Syria, "opening the door to the political course of we began a while in the past".